Submissions Policy

Leodis Pagan Circle welcomes the submission of relevant articles, blog posts and comments for inclusion on its website.

Upcoming event listings should be submitted to our Facebook page at The event will then be added to the website by the Editors if it’s considered appropriate. Please do not submit events by email.

All submissions are subject to review by the Editors to ensure compliance with this policy and will be published at the Editors’ discretion.

Anonymous submissions will not be accepted. Authors are free to use a pseudonym and entitled to keep their identity confidential. However, the Editors must be able to identify the author. Please state your preference at the time of submission.

Submissions must be the original work of the author. Any content subject to third party copyright must be submitted along with proof that permission has been granted for its use by Leodis Pagan Circle.

The copyright holder retains ownership of their work but grants Leodis Pagan Circle a nonexclusive license to publish the material in any manner it deems appropriate. This does not affect the author’s right to publish elsewhere.

Submissions must not contain material that is defamatory, threatening, prejudicial, offensive or unlawful. Any user submitting such material will be excluded from making further submissions.

All articles, blog posts and comments may be submitted for consideration by registering and logging in to the site (see the black section at the bottom of each page) or by sending an email to

Submissions sent via email can be typed directly into the body of the message or sent as an attachment. Acceptable file formats are: DOC, DOCX, TXT and RTF.

Images to be included should be of good quality and, if possible, in the following file formats: photographs = JPEG, graphics = GIF and images with transparent backgrounds = PNG.

The Editors reserve the right to edit or amend submissions without consulting the author. This will only be done to improve such aspects as clarity, spelling, grammar or referencing.

The views expressed in articles, blog posts and comments are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of Leodis Pagan Circle. Authors are solely responsible for their submissions and the consequences of posting or publishing them.

Leodis Pagan Circle has no obligation to place information, articles, blog posts or comments on this website and will do so at the absolute discretion of the Editors. Likewise, content may be removed at any time without notice.