The word ‘moot’ is widely used within the Pagan community to describe regular social events where people from all paths can get together to socialise and make new friends. The term is derived from an Anglo-Saxon word which was originally used to describe village meetings where decisions were made about local issues. Such meetings were often held in ‘moot halls’ (Leeds’ Moot Hall was opened on Briggate in 1615). A ‘moot point’ was originally an item for discussion at one of these meetings. In Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, the Ents hold a moot to discuss their plans to attack Saruman’s fortress at Isengard.

Not all Pagans attend regular meetings but those of us that do call them ‘moots’.

Moots offer an opportunity to take part in informative discussions but you can also spend time getting to know like-minded people and having fun together.

Details of Leodis Pagan Circle‘s moot are as follows.

Every third Tuesday of the month

The Moot Hall Arms
11 Mill Hill

Moot starts at 8:00pm


The moot starts at 8:00pm and that’s when we will have a speaker or activity relating to Pagan subjects. At past moots, we’ve covered such lofty subjects as The History of Witchcraft and How to Make the Most of Earth Energies as well as whittled wands, made incense, held a Pagan Quiz, discussed the meaning of the Sabbats, held a drumming circle and taken part in Psychic Party Games.

You don’t have to follow a particular path to join us at our moot and newcomers will be made very welcome. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

Upcoming Moots

The Small Print

It’s important people who intend to join our events read our Terms and Conditions before doing so. Please make sure you check out the small print.