Pictures from yesterday’s moot

I want to thank everyone who came along to last night’s moot and made it such fun. I owe HUGE thanks to Tina for telling us the origins of dreamcatchers and to Sam for showing us how to make them. I know both of them were very nervous but they did a fantastic job and everyone had the opportunity to make their own dreamcatcher before going home. It was lovely to see old friends and new working so studiously together. And it was especially good to see some young ‘uns there too – I’m glad this coincided with half term. Thanks also to everyone who supplied us with some items for future raffles – all contributions gratefully received.

And, on a more personal note, I can’t thank everyone who contributed to my surprise presentation enough. I will be thanking you properly asap but just want to publicly say that you guys really, really rock. You’ve restored my battered faith in friends and in justice. Thank you so, so much.

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