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Leodis Pagan Circle is a sociable group that was founded to provide a point of contact for people living in and around the Leeds area who wish to meet up and share their experience of being Pagan. We also aim to provide accurate information and knowledge to genuine seekers. We are an eclectic group who have banded together in kinship to form a community based on mutual respect and friendship.

We realise the words ‘Pagan’ and ‘Paganism’ are ambiguous because there isn’t a single belief system that all Pagans share. The words are vague and open to wide interpretation so it’s difficult to find two or more people who agree on their precise meaning.

Here at Leodis Pagan Circle, we use them as blanket terms to encompass a variety of spiritual paths. Specifically, we use these terms to refer to religious traditions and belief systems that recognise divinity in nature; ones that revere its majesty and beauty and honour the changing of the seasons. In accordance with the dual principles of nature (male and female being inherent in all things), we seek harmony and balance by worshipping the feminine aspects of deity as well as the male.

Within Paganism, we have no central legislation, dogma or creed and we are not devoted to a spiritual leader. Therefore, we are all free to experience the divine in our own way and to take responsibility for our own actions or inactions. That doesn’t mean we can’t seek help or guidance from others who we consider to be more learned but it does mean that we are actively involved in progressing our own spiritual development.

Leodis Pagan Circle is made up of people of all ages and abilities. We don’t all follow the same spiritual path and we vary in experience from people who have always known they are Pagan to people who are new to the subject and not sure what path (if any) they want to follow. The one thing we all have in common is that we worship the sanctity of nature and it is that reverence that binds us together.

So, regardless of what spiritual path you follow, if you have an open mind and an open heart you will be made very welcome at Leodis Pagan Circle.

Blessed Be
Group Founder and Coordinator


Debs founded the group and co-ordinates all of its activities. She’s also the first point of contact for people making enquiries.


Nicola is the group’s Treasurer. She pays our bills and makes sure we’re able to account for any monies coming in and any going out.


Tina organises some of our group activities and helps to coordinate events.  She helps find speakers for our moot and plan group trips


Farmer Jeff is LPC’s Keeper of the Stones. He regularly tends the stone circle by keeping the grass mown and the area litter free.  He’s also our Fire Marshall and makes sure everyone stays safe around any bonfires.

Anna is the group’s secretary and supplies many of the ideas for our rituals and other activities.  She’s also one of the admins for our Facebook page


Stingwray is the group’s Public Relations officer.  Whenever we’re invited to discuss paganism by the media (and we often are), he’s the guy that speaks on our behalf to educate and inform the general public about what we get up to.  He also hosts our monthly moots.

Emma is a busy mum and she helps organise children’s activities that are both educational and fun.  She is also one of the hosts of the pre-moot storytelling sessions


Mark is a skilled craftsman with a wealth of experience making props for amateur theatre groups.  He is responsible for designing and creating equipment for use at our events


Tara is LPC’s Chief First Aider.  Should someone become ill or suffer an injury at one of our events, Tara, or one of her fully-trained helpers, will be on hand to help out.  She also updates our website.

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