Welcome Curious Wanderer

You have found your way Leodis Pagan Circle, a sociable group of pagans based in Leeds.

Within these pages, you will find info about us, details of moots and special events, as well as stories and a host of other useful gubbins.

In our circle, there are many pagan paths – Wiccans, Druids. Heathens, from all walks of life, all we ask is you come with respect, friendship and a sense of fun.

Leodis Pagan Circle is a friendly group that was founded to provide a point of contact for people living in and around the Leeds area who wish to meet up and share their experience of being Pagan.  Although we are based in Leeds, we don’t want to be elusive or exclusive and, as we’ve already said, we’re a sociable group so we want to hear from you, wherever you live.


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Friends, you and me.
You brought another friend,
And then there were three.
We started our group,
Our circle of friends,
And like that circle –
There is no beginning or end.


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